Marhaba, Welcome

I extend to you a warm welcome. I am the owner of  a store
called Adel-el-Atara,  a calm haven in the heart of Luxor, Egypt,
specialising in traditional Egyptian medicinal herbs, therapeutic
oils, perfume oils and other plant remedies. We offer all our
customers not only a warm welcome but also the highest quality
natural products for their health and wellbeing. Please do not
hesitate to contact me if your require any information on our
products and services.                                                                          
The name, Adel-el-Atara, is a combination of my name and my
profession. Attar means herbalist, druggist and perfumist and
was, and remains, an ancient healing art practised in Egypt
and the Arab world. Today Attar is the equivalent of a modern
day medical herbalist, complimentary therapist and traditional

At Adel-el-Atara we have a wide range of natural products
which are available to complimentary therapists and

Only the highest quality herbs, flowers and oils are
used in our preparations

All our products are only sourced within Egypt and

All products are traditionally made

Consultations are available in Luxor (by appointment)

Specific prescriptions blended

Pre-blended therapeutic oils available for specific
Adel - el - Atara